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Advanced Microneedling Training - 15-Hour Online Course

Advanced Microneedling Training - 15-Hour Online Course

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Welcome to the most
advanced & comprehensive
course on Microneedling available!

With education focusing on current
scientific research, you will soon become a true expert at this treatment.

Taught by Jen Copfer, RN, an industry expert Aesthetic Registered Nurse.

Get Your Microneedling Certification Online


Advanced Microneedling Course on a Computer

15-Hour, In-depth
Microneedling Course
on the Science of Needling, Needling Techniques, Safe Products, Protocols, & more.

If you're a skincare professional looking for in-depth training on microneedling, you are in the right place!

Our comprehensive training course is designed for ALL skincare professionals, including registered nurses, nurse estheticians, aesthetic nurses, medical aestheticians, estheticians, and other medical professionals who are legally permitted to perform microneedling in their state.

Ideal for beginners with no experience,
as well as a refresher course for those
with some prior knowledge.


Check out the amazing
5-Star Reviews below

Nurse giving a microneedling treatment to woman

Do you want to be a
trusted expert in aesthetics?

To truly stand out as a trusted expert in aesthetics, it is crucial to have advanced education and a thorough understanding of the science behind microneedling. This not only strengthens your credibility with clients but also provides them with amazing results.

This self-paced course will provide you with all the essential knowledge and expertise you need in order to truly master this treatment.

Microneedling in Your
Aesthetic Business

We can't deny it – microneedling, also known as Collagen Induction Therapy, has taken the anti-aging market by storm, and its popularity is only growing.

This minimally invasive treatment effectively addresses acne scars, other scar types, fine lines, wrinkles, uneven texture, uneven skin complexion, and hair loss, making it an essential addition to your aesthetic treatment service menu.

The best part? It's incredibly safe (if performed correctly, which you will learn how to do in this course).

Microneedling is safe for use on all skin tones, causes minimal discomfort and downtime, carries a low risk of adverse effects, and has been scientifically proven to produce amazing benefits.

As a result, microneedling has become one of the most popular and profitable treatments for aesthetic practices.

Our Microneedling
Course Includes

Microneedling pen technique tips on laptop

  • Unbiased education that is not influenced by any brand or company
    You will learn the foundation & science of each individual needling that you can apply to any microneedling pen or company you choose to use. You won't be pressured to buy a specific brand or any products.

  • Lifetime access to the course
    There is also lifetime access so you can come back to review the material when needed.
  • Self-paced & flexible
    The course is online & self-paced. You can start the course when you like and finish at your own pace. You can pause to take notes, re-listen to a lesson, and start, stop, & resume whenever you want. This is great for busy schedules.

  • Video demonstrations
    Filmed to mimic your point of view, providing a realistic and immersive experience, for optimal learning. This allows you to gain a clear understanding of each technique as if you were performing the treatment yourselves.

  • Downloadable resources
    Helpful cheat sheets, pre-& post-treatment protocols, microneedling pen companies, microneedling safe glide products, & much more.

  • Various learning styles
    Designed to cater to various learning styles, whether you learn best by visual images, reading text, or by listening to the narrated videos of the material.

  • Designed for all experience levels
    The course is designed to accommodate both beginners with no prior knowledge of microneedling as well as seasoned skincare professionals seeking a refresher course or more in-depth understanding. The learning material is presented in an easy-to-understand way, making it beneficial for professionals at any experience level.

  • In-depth education
    All the information you need to perform microneedling correctly, safely, and most importantly, achieve amazing results.


Microneedling demonstration video on laptop

The course is divided into 3 parts:

Part I - The Science:
Learn the foundation of the science of skin and how microneedling works on a cellular level.

Part II - The Preparation:
Learn all the essential knowledge & information you need before offering this advanced treatment.

Part III - The Treatment:
Learn how to effectively perform a microneedling treatment from start to finish, including proper pen techniques, troubleshooting, and how to address any potential complications.

Course Length: 15 hours - online - self-paced


  • Lesson 1: Intro to Microneedling
  • Lesson 2: What You Will Learn

Part I - The Science:

  • Lesson 3: Anatomy: Epidermis & Keratinocytes
  • Lesson 4: Anatomy: Melanocytes
  • Lesson 5: Anatomy: Dermis
  • Lesson 6: Anatomy: DEJ
  • Lesson 7: Anatomy: Skin Barrier
  • Lesson 8: Anatomy: GFs & Cytks
  • Lesson 9: Wound Healing Cascade
  • Lesson 10: Scar Classification
  • Lesson 11: Human Chemical Messengers
  • Lesson 12: Products For Medical Pros
  • Lesson 13: The Science of Needling
  • Lesson 14: Skin Concerns Treated

Part II - The Preparation:

  • Lesson 15: FDA, Laws, & Scope
  • Lesson 16: Contraindications
  • Lesson 17: Consultation
  • Lesson 18: Consent & Documentation
  • Lesson 19: Pre-Treatment Instructions
  • Lesson 20: Post-Treatment Instructions
  • Lesson 21: Downtime & Frequency
  • Lesson 22: Treating Darker Skin Tones
  • Lesson 23: Ingredients to Use & Avoid During
  • Lesson 24: Safe Glides to Use
  • Lesson 25: Ingredients to Use/Avoid Post
  • Lesson 26: Anesthetic Numbing Cream
  • Lesson 27: Benefits of Microneedling Pens
  • Lesson 28: Choosing a Microneedling Pen
  • Lesson 29: Safety, Sanitation, Precautions

Part III - The Treatment:

  • Lesson 30: Face Mapping & Needle Depth
  • Lesson 31: Motorized Pen Technique
  • Lesson 32: Technique for Each Area
  • Lesson 33: Motorized Pen Troubleshooting
  • Lesson 34: Before You Begin & Supplies
  • Lesson 35: Microneedling Protocol
  • Lesson 36: Demonstration Videos
  • Lesson 37: Potential Complications During
  • Lesson 38: Common Side Effects Post-Tx
  • Lesson 39: Combined Treatments
  • Lesson 40: Finale & Helpful Resources

Receive a Microneedling
Certificate of Completion

Microneedling Training Certification

Featured in The NYC Journal

Jen Copfer NYC Journal

Disclaimer: Our courses are for educational purposes only and do not authorize you to perform any of the skills taught without complying with all applicable laws and regulations. By using our courses, you agree that you are solely responsible for ensuring that you are working within your scope of practice and in compliance with all local laws, rules, and regulations related to the use and application of the information contained in our courses. We are not responsible for any consequences resulting from your use of the information contained in our courses. By purchasing and using our courses, you acknowledge that you have read and understand this disclaimer, as well as the Terms of Service, and agree to release us from any liability or claims arising from your use of our courses.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Taylor Smith, FL

This was amazing 10/10 I learned way more information than I even expected too. I am new to Microneedling and this made me feel 100% more confident.

Yuri London, LE, IN

As a LE with a medical director, i wanted to become as knowledgeable as possible on microneedling and this course has solidified that for me!! I also HIGHLY recommend her chemical peel course!!

Priscilla Reyes, MD, TX

I loved this course! It is so informative and clearly presented. I hope more of you enroll and get the amazing benefits and knowledge offered with this material. Thank you!

Cristiane Duarte, LE, MA

I gained more knowledge about the skin in this course than I did in the esthetics school. I feel confident and well prepared to give my clients a microneedling treatment. I 100% recommend everyone to take this course.

Connie Twiggs, LE, FL

This Course is well worth the time. The information was more than I would have ever expected. Thank you, Connie Twiggs

Tyler Card, LE, MO

I was initially drawn to taking this course because of its comprehensive approach to microneedling. What stood out to me the most was how deeply the instructor went into the science behind the practice, rather than just provided step-by-step instructions. It was evident that she had put a tremendous amount of effort into creating the course content, and her passion for the subject shone through in every lesson. To say that the course exceeded my expectations would be an understatement! While I anticipated a high-quality learning experience, I was pleasantly surprise by the wealth of new information I gained! The instructor’s energy and expertise were infectious, making each session engaging and informative. Thanks to Jen, my confidence in microneedling has soared! Not only do I feel more capable of providing top-notch services to my clients, but I also have a deeper understanding of the science behind the practice. I have already begun recommending the course to others who are interested in mastering microneedling techniques! I am looking forward to taking additional courses offered by Jen! Without a doubt, I will be a loyal student, eager to absorb every bit of knowledge she has to offer. Thank you for an incredible learning journey!!!

Wendi Frusha, LA

I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn about microneedling. This course was organized, detailed, structured, and easy to follow. The vast knowledge the instructor has is very apparent. She not only gives you information on the subject, but gives tips, guides, worksheets, etc. to make your transition into the microneedling world even easier. Thank you for all your hard work to create this course.

Wellah San Buenaventura, AGPC-NP, CA

I am so happy about this course since it is very engaging, I learned a lot this time.