Perfect Your Expertise


Was your school experience a complete disappointment? Are you looking to add a new treatment to your service menu? Or do you just need a refresher course?


Are you lost on how to get into the medical aesthetics field?
Are you searching for in-depth
aesthetic training?

Don't Worry, You're Not Alone


Let's face it, esthetician schools only
teach the bare minimum and
most students leave feeling lost and
searching for more education.


There are no required classes for
aesthetic nurses to enter the field of
medical aesthetics; instead, they rely on others for training. The problem is that it can be difficult to find someone with enough time to provide proper training.

Jen Copfer Aesthetic Registered Nurse
Meet Your Instructor

Hi! My name is Jen Copfer and I am an Aesthetic Registered Nurse based in Beverly Hills, CA. It's my mission to deliver advanced, in-depth knowledge and training that I've acquired over years of practice in the beauty and medical aesthetics field.

Whether you are:

  • starting your career
  • expanding your skill set
  • just need a refresher course

I have designed courses to help you succeed and excel to the next level in your aesthetic career.

Learn More About Me
➝ 100% Online ➝ Self-Paced ➝ Start Anytime

Comprehensive online continuing education courses for estheticians, nurses, students, & skincare professionals.

Designed to fit busy schedules, our courses provide the flexibility to learn at your own pace while also allowing you to access them from anywhere at any time (as long as you have wifi).

They are simple to use, easy to navigate, and cater to many different learning styles to keep you engaged.

Included Benefits

Hands together with different skin tone colors
Curated for All Skin Tones and Colors

Includes protocols and education specifically for treating darker skin tones, which unfortunately is usually skipped or brushed over in esthetician schools.

A blank skincare product tube
Unbiased & Non-Brand Specific Education

You won't be restricted to learning about only one specific brand or product line or be coerced into buying a specific brand. You will learn science-backed education that you can apply to any product line you choose to use.

Watch Hands-On Training Demos image of a hand
Watch Hands-On Training Demos

Filmed to mimic YOUR point of view as if you are really there performing the treatment. This provides a more accurate representation of how to perform each treatment, which makes it easier to learn and retain.

 Downloadable Resources icon, a cloud with a black arrow inside pointing downwards
Downloadable Resources

Depending on the course, it may include: client in-take forms, consent forms, cheat sheets, a universal list of relevant skincare companies to help you choose which one is best for your practice, and much more.

Certificate of Completion image
Receive a Certificate of Completion

You can include it on your resume, add to your professional portfolio, or showcase it to your clients and display it in your practice.